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Introduction to Wine Appreciation Course

Keep sour grapes at bay and obtain the wine wisdom you’ve always wanted! At Vineyards of Dionysus, we believe wine is both a product and an experience that is meant to be enjoyed. While we certainly know that wine can be enjoyed alone, the social and cultural aspects of wine are just as enjoyable – if not more so! We cater to everyone who wants to learn and have fun in the process. You can schedule a class for a private group, organize a hen party, or celebrate a birthday; we’ll work with you to design the perfect occasion!

Our goal is to create an enjoyable and interactive environment for all of our clients, so we will never try to sell you anything other than our wine knowledge and experience. Vineyards of Dionysus is not affiliated with any specific vintners, wine merchants, or vineyards, which means we can offer you unbiased advice and education without an agenda; our bottom line is our customers’ satisfaction.

4 week

Wine Appreciation Course

Thursday May 4th 

Thursday May 11th

Thursday May 18th

Thursday May 25th



Central Business District - Venue still TBD

Our “Introduction to Wine” class is located in CBD and offered once a week from 6:00pm-8:00pm. This four-week course is devised to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of wine, as well as contribute some best practices for wine shopping and food pairing. Each week you will taste anywhere from seven to nine different wines paired with matching cheeses, so you’re certain to find new varieties you love and refine your palate in the process. Even experienced wine connoisseurs will find something to interest them in this introductory course.

Course Topics:

  • Brief history of wine

  • Main grape varieties

  • How wine is made

  • Judging wine quality

  • Matching wines with cheeses

  • How to read labels and buy wine with confidence


  • $330 total for 4-week course

4 week

Organic Wine Appreciation Course

Friday April 31st

Friday May 7th

Friday May 14th

Friday May 21st




If you’re looking for a more natural experience, the “Introduction to Wine” course in Brunswick focuses on organic wines. This course will focus on the differences between organic and non-organic wines, with an emphasis on the production process. This is also a four-week course offered from 6:00pm-8:00pm once a week. In each class, you will taste anywhere from seven to nine different organic wines paired with matching cheeses. Whether you’re a wine aficionado looking to learn more about organic wine or a rookie looking for healthy wine options, this course will provide new and interesting information.

Course Topics:

  • Brief history of wine and the organic movement

  • Main grape varieties

  • How organic wine is made

  • Judging organic wine quality

  • Matching organic wines with cheeses

  • How to read labels and buy organic wine with confidence


  • $350 total for 4-week course